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SPI Services is a discreet and confidential private investigator service operating in the North West.

We offer a wide range of services including Partner and Matrimonial Investigations, Process Serving, GPS tracking, Bug Sweeps, Insurance Fraud/Personal Injury Fraud, Investigation & Surveillance, Close Protection, Video and Photography.

We offer an affordable service to suit all budgets and individual requirements. No additional services will ever be performed without your prior approval or request. Our Investigators operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be available to discuss your requirements at a time that suits you.

We strive to ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire investigation process taking you through a step by step process and analysis.

We promise to advise you on the course of action to suit your personnel situation.

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Our Services

Process Serving

SPI Services specialise in Process Serving. Personal delivery in line with solicitors requirements of court papers or other documentation. We arrange collection of the documents where requested and delivery within 72 hours of receipt. We do not charge per hour on these cases and we will clearly highlight the total fees prior to taking on the work.

We will attempt delivery on 3 occasions and mileage is included in the price.  Failure to serve on the third attempt we will contact the client to seek further advice.

• Claim Forms
• Applications
• Witness Summons
• Statutory Demand
• Bankruptcy Petition
• Winding Up Petition
• N39 Order to Attend Court
• Non-Molestation Order
• Divorce Petition
• Family Proceedings
• Witness Summons
• Subpoena
• Freezing Order
• Possession Order
• Notice Seeking Possession
• Residence Order
• Occupation Order
• Committal Notice
• Prohibited Steps Order
• N84 Interim Third Party Debt Order

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking (Global Positioning System) – A GPS tracker is available for both vehicles and people.  Do you want to know where a spouses car is? Do you want to know where your child is?

Equipment available can track and collect recordings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that can give you access to view the maps online anytime.

We can give you access to real time information, which puts you in control.

GPS tracking is also an ideal low cost service for both private and commercial companies of any size. Giving you the capability to locate your fleet vehicles and track their whereabouts.

Private Investigation

SPI Services offer a number of private investigation services to both corporate and private clients. We use highly experienced and trained to offer investigative and analytical services; tailored specifically to our clients’ needs.

Our services include:
• Legal Defence work
• Witness statements
• Intelligence
• Document signing
• Trace and locate services

Matrimony & Partner Infidelity

If you believe that your partner is cheating or being unfaithful in any way, then contact us. We appreciate that these matters are very sensitive and personal to our clients so we handle every case in the strictest of confidence to protect our clients.

Are you becoming suspicious of your partner? Has your partners habits and routine changed? Have they told you they are at one location but have been seen elsewhere? We will advise you what type of services are available and the best course of action to take to suit your individual circumstances.

All advice is free of charge regardless of whether or not you decide to use our services.

Bug Sweeps

Do you have suspicions you are being watched? We can provide full shadow surveillance and de-bugging services to protect personal, sensitive or intimate information that could be at risk.

SPI Services offer a confidential and professional bug sweep service. Bugs can range from listening devices, secret recorders on phones, secret cameras or devices tracking the movement of vehicles. We can provide a service to ensure you, your home or business is not being watched or listened too.

This is becoming more common in the competitive business environment.  We can ensure that you business property is free of mics and cameras.


We offer a wide range of surveillance techniques tailored to your requirements. Most cases will require a varied range of surveillance modes such as following a target vehicle in one of our surveillance vehicles or shadowing movements on foot. The investigator may also utilise the latest in electronic surveillance, using GPS trackers, high definition covert video recording devices and DSLR cameras.

We can provide rental services of the following items.  These rentals are charged on a weekly rate with a deposit in place.

Hidden cameras with recording facilities – allows you to be away without sitting watching the screen,  these record upon movement and can be viewed later.

Store Theft Cameras – If you own a store and believe that a member of your team is stealing from you, then these cameras can be strategically placed to catch them.  This evidence can be used to provide proof to the police.

Close Protection

Are you due to travel on business but worried about security? Is your home secure whilst you’re on holiday or business?

We offer security-trained personnel to escort you on personal outings or business trips. Whether you require visible front protection or undercover personal protection we have male and female trained specialists available to accompany you.

A number of our specialist team are military trained and are fully experienced in precarious or hostile environments.  SPI Services can provide specialist professional advice on all aspects of security while travelling, such as where to stay during your visit, or planning safe routes of travel.

Nationwide Service

No matter where you are, we offer a nationwide service all over the UK.


Every case, big or small,  is guaranteed the same strict confidentiality agreement.


Our operatives are always reliable, friendly and above all professional.

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